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The primary focus of theis its extensive and well-regarded graduate programs.

Humanity’s needs are predicated on peace. Evidence shows that peaceful means of change are more effective and sustainable than violence. We also know that peacemaking is no longer the exclusive province of governments. Communities and citizens are now actively engaged in peacemaking.

The graduate  International Peace and Conflict Resolution (ICPR) program at American University  at American University stands at the leading edge of innovative research and practice in conflict mitigation and peacebuilding. Our faculty and students often work together on projects that make a difference in the lives of vulnerable peoples.

Whether you’re interested in understanding strategies to resolve violent conflicts around the world or in promoting reconciliation processes in communities where conflict has occurred, IPCR offers students the flexibility to design a degree that matches their unique career goals.

The program boasts multiple concentrations, dual degrees through institutional partnerships, and hands-on opportunities in the field that allow students to customize their academic and student experiences. A Graduate Certificate in Peacebuilding is also available.

Program Director:
Dr. Hrach Gregorian
(202) 885-6698

Program Coordinator:
Nicole Smith
(202) 885-1622