Marquette University

The Peace Studies major at Marquette University is an undergraduate program that focuses on establishing peace by working nonviolently for justice. As an interdisciplinary program, students choose from courses across many disciplines including: communications, economics, English, history, philosophy, sociology, social welfare and justice, and theology. These courses are divided into four groupings: theories and practices of peacemaking; justice, human rights, and reconciliation; social, cultural, and economic development; and topics in peace studies (includes race, ethnicity, and migration studies as well as holocaust and genocide studies).

 The Marquette University Center for Peacemaking is an important part of the university’s commitment to peace and justice. Peace studies students have access to summer peacemaking fellowships, international travel opportunities, internships, student employment, and career advising through the Center for Peacemaking.
Program director:
Dr. Louise Cainkar
(414) 288-5714
Center for Peacemaking director:
Patrick Kennelly
(414) 288-4269

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee views peacebuilding as an ongoing, community-level process that considers multiple facets of society, including health, economics, natural resources, governance, social traditions, and culture. Students learn concepts and tools such as systems mapping and analysis, program evaluation, and community resilience, and engage hands-on from the beginning with partners working on sustainable peacebuilding issues. Students have the opportunity to participate in field studies anywhere in the world they choose, including locally in Milwaukee.

Over the course of two calendar years (6 semesters), students must complete the 44 credits required for the Master’s Program, which include 20 credits of core coursework; 12 credits of fieldwork; and 12 credits of approved elective coursework.

Program Coordinator:

Bridget Brown